About Us

DaE Design/Raynon Chiu Designer Studio(Taiwan) was founded by MrRaynon Chiu in 2005. Mr Chiu is a distinguished and famous designer who is passionate in projecting excellent architecture&interiorand soft decoration/furnishing &accessoriesprograms for property developers and hospitality investors unprecedentedly.” Do Appropriate Design Measurably For Every Customer/Guest Enthusiastic In The Same Idea And Persuasion. ”, which accurately and precisely explains DaE’s constant chase in the career of design and promise to be responsible for each client.

DaE’s business covers hotel,salescenter,villa&mansion,prototyperoom,club,public space and small-sized architecture.At the same time,DaE keeps expanding rapidly into first-tire and second-tire cities nationally includingBeijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Sanya, Changsha, Wuhan, Chongqing, Qinghai, Jiuzhaigou, Urumchi, etc. Since its establishment, DaE has provided architecture &interior design and consultancy service for enormous well-known developers such as CITIC, HazensGroup, MerhantsProperties, SPG, LiantaiGroup, Coastal Real Estate, ZhongyunInvestment, StarChina, AVIC, ZhongxiGroup, MTRGroup, China Grand Enterprises and so on. They highlight on us with favorable comment and trust.

In the fast-changing brand new era, DaE confronts various challenges without fearing hardships. DaE provides an extensive combination of design service and solutions for clients so that promote corporate value of their projects while implementing first-grade design concepts, latest technology and original product identity.” Relaxed and conscientious ”, people in DaE love and enjoy current working status. DaE emphasizes sustainable development combined with childlike imagination and soldiers-like perseverance of revolution. DaE enriches diversified creative idea and innovation and does their best to make projects outstand and spread widely with no-ending curiosity and successive challenges of themselves.

Are you interested in?

Are you interested in?

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Cooperate with DaE, you will have the best customized design.

We have different kinds of ideas, and serious and careful to process every project, strive to present our best design, and every project will reach the   class of international prizes.

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